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In today's ultra-competitive marketplace, the one thing that powers companies forward is their commitment to customer satisfaction. We recruit & use devoted staff. We have found that most business realize that the staff they employ are a vital key to their success. This is why we can offer a consistently great service because we recruit & retain great staff. We recruit staff only after a satisfactory completion of our screening procedures. We then ensure they are fully trained, by our Supervisors to follow our carefully developed working procedures. They are given comprehensive training & demonstrations. Further our staff is given a thorough explanation of the levels of professionalism our clients expect. We retain great staff by paying excellent wages, ensuring all our staff receive all of their statutory entitlements & then we pay performance bonuses to reward good work. Training is ongoing and our staff know they have the full support of their Supervisors if they need additional help. With well treated, well paid & well motivated staff we can offer our clients a superior service to that of our competitors. Integral to this approach & our continued investment in our staff is our commitment to the Investors in People scheme. ARB combines quality services, with reliability, and a fair price for an overall value that meets our clients needs.


To be the leading Company in the field of Labour Contract, Manpower supply and Outsourcing BPO (Inland) in the nearest future. To achieve a remarkable share in the field. ARB strives to go the extra mile. Maintaining our reputation is our number one priority. Thus, we are confident you will be pleased with our manpower services and the quality of our work. Your satisfaction is extremely important to us.

Our Team

ARB is a global human resources solutions company, providing workforce solutions to a total of 4 large-scale companies throughout India. ARB provides support solutions across the entire Human Resource Value Chain. ARB has been serving clients in India since 2011 and each year fills over 1000 permanent and temporary jobs. Our success in the provision of permanent and temporary staff has led to the extension of various speciality brands and services within the Indian market allowing ARB to be uniquely positioned to assist across all disciplines. ARB recruit large numbers of personnel for organizations providing them with a streamlined and focused approach. ARB is committed to the development of its employees and is well renowned within the industry for the training provided to its personnel. ARB comprises of a growing number of full-time and part-time excellent specialists The business operates on continuous basis. Our growing customer and their needs has meant the company has had to adapt quickly to the market. ARB is now at a resource point where we can efficiently handle all situations, whenever and wherever they arise.

Our Quality

It is the policy of ARB Enterprises (P) LTD to be customer centric in delivering our services to customers with aim enhancing customer perceived value of our service. For this we act proactive rather then reactive, foster learning environment for enhancing skill & competency, utilize the ongoing experience (what we learned from mistake / failure ), focus on resource optimization & productivity as key to manage the cost, believe working environment that is Open, Team oriented, Participate, Supportive, Career Aspiring, ensure that what we promised is delivered & that too in time.